Name:  Wellington MacNamary
Nickname: Mac
Age: 43
Occupation: Medical Doctor
Personality: Brash, blunt, cynical and
sarcastic, overly brilliant and not afraid
to tell you that.
Name:  Joshua Mitchell
Nickname: Josh
Age: 21
Occupation:  Art Student
Personality: Idealist, optimist, finds
beauty even in chaos and destruction,
likes to work with rock and metal
Name: Kevin Abraham
Nickname: None
Age: 27
Occupation: Cashier at a 7-11
Personality: Comes off as hardbitten
and streetwise, but is a closet romantic
Name: Thomas Shaunessy, Jr
NIckname: TJ
Age: 38
Occupation: Contractor
Personality: Self made businessman,
formerly with his own business, down to
earth and friendly, not afraid to get his
hands dirty, good dad
Name: Melissa Shaunessy
Nickname: Mel
Age: 10
Occupation: Student
Personality: Child of divorce, misses
her deceased mom and craves all of
her father's attention, tom boy
Name: Robin Laurenzo
Nickname: None
Age: 24
Occupation: Journalist
Personality: Cuts to the heart of the
matter quickly.  A big believer of truth