Name: Theresa Abbot
Rank: n/a
Nickname: Terri
Age: 8
Place of Birth: Saginaw, Michigan
Place of Residence: Ledgeview, Wisconsin
Spouse: none
Father: Cameron Abbot
Mother: Mary Abbot
Siblings: none
Children: One teddy bear named Sam, and a puppy(mop
dog)named Mutt rescued from the pet store named Toby
Other Relatives: None
Second grade student
Height: 4 ’
Weight: 80
Hair: Curly brown, pulled back in a ponytail
Eyes: Blue
Distinguishing Features: None

Hobbies: Soft ball (pitcher), rollerblading, wrist
rocket, watching movies and playing video games.

Education/Career Information

Elementary School Name:
John Glenn

Special Skills: Throwing things, knows a lot about
lizards, hiding and a working knowledge of how air
ducts work.

Psychological Background: Terri is a tomboy.
She doesn't wear dresses and she doesn't like the
fact that she is a girl. Doesn't mean she really wants
to be a boy... they have germs. She is afraid of
people as much as she is of zombies. Zombies kill
you ... people hurt you in ways that last.

Her parents abandoned her when the Zombies hit town, not sticking around long enough to pick her
up at the park she had been playing at. So she has abandonment issues. She is convinced that
everyone will leave her... that no one really cares.

Personal Quirks: Loves animals. Especially reptiles. Her favorite candy is sweet tarts, likes the
green gumballs the best, and hates relish on her hot dogs. Her favorite soda is Dr Pepper, but
Mountain Dew will do if it must. She thinks cigarettes stink almost as bad as perfume.

History: Terri is the only child of a factory worker and a
receptionist. She is used to doing with out so she has an
active imagination and a healthy appetite for sports. She
plays little league as well as most of the boys and is the
star pitcher for her team.

Her parents were scared when the zombies hit town and
were convinced that she was already dead since she
wasn't home where they could see her. They packed up
and drove off while she was at the park unaware that
there was any danger.

When the zombies made their first appearance she ran
until she got to the first building that appeared safe... a
smallish shopping mall. Eventually the zombies came
there too and she went into hiding crawling into the air
ducts and waiting for the zombies to finally filter out of the
mall looking for easier eats.

When they did she ran to the drugstore and took all the duct tape she could find and made sure that
the doors wouldn't open easily. They were completely covered with tape by the time she was done.

She found things that she liked and wanted and took them into her hidey hole in the ducts with her. A
huge pile of sleeping bags to sleep on... portable music and portable DVD player. Movies, CDs, video
games- and an electrical cord that she managed to snake up to her new home.

She practiced with a wrist rocket she found at the sporting goods store, and stocked up on the pellets
for it as well as marbles.  She has been surviving on candy, soda, ice cream and the occasional hot
dog microwaved from Dairy Queen.

She let all the animals loose from the pet store... but goes in to feed the fish and leave food out for
the dogs and cats. One puppy however she grew attached to and keeps with her in the air ducts.  
She gets her exercise by rollerblading up and down the halls and through the stores, using it as her
private play ground and sanctuary... setting up booby traps through out.