Name: Alcmene

Age: 50

Greek or Trojan: Currently Trojan

Occupation: Slave in royal household

Sex: Female

Parents: deceased

Spouse: none

Children: Asclepios (son) Eos (Daughter)

Hair: Grey
Eyes: Blue

Height: 5’5”
Weight: 135

Distinguishing Marks: None
Personality: Bitter, aging woman who has seen all that she loved destroyed by
Troy, her freedom, her youth, and her son's birthright all taken away.

She seems quiet and harmless enough after a lifetime as a slave but
underneath it all she is a viper in the garden waiting for the right moment to
strike. She is a follower of Eris, although this she keeps to herself as do the rest
of her cult within the citadel.

History:  Alcmene was a princess at one time. Long ago and in her youth she
was as sought after as any lovely young woman, with a powerful father. Suitors
called upon her frequently, including the then crown prince of Troy, Priam.  He
had come to try and make peace with her father, who would hear nothing of it.  
Neither would agree to a marriage that would have his daughter far down the
list of wives and in a far away land. He had a better match in mind, one that
would gain him more than one less daughter.

While she was waiting to wed her future husband, Troy attacked.  The small
kingdom was devastated and soon became nothing more than a memory to all.  
She however along with her sisters were brought back to Troy as spoils of war,

She herself had been at one time one of Priam’s favorites, and she had hopes of renewing his interest in
taking her as one of his wives, and saving herself from slavery.  This however was
not to be. He had her, he did not need to marry her. It was during this time that
Hecuba gave birth to Priam’s daughter
Cassandra.  Later came Hector almost on his
sister's heels. She hated those two children with all she had but was often called to
tend them while the loving couple entertained one another.  

She lured Priam into her bed shortly after Hectors birth, and conceived her own son,
but was silently infuriated to find that her son would not be given the due of his royal
parentage, even though she was a slave.  Priam favored him, but not as he did his
legitimate sons. He went so far at one point to tell her that it was unfortunate that her
father had never agreed to her marriage to him. The boy would have made a
splendid prince.  She wanted to kill him that night, except that he had promised that even though he would
never be a prince… her son would also never be a slave.

Over the years she gave birth to a daughter as well, and continued to serve
Priam’s needs. That is until she started showing the signs of age, at which time
she was relegated to pure servitude, tending the ladies of the family as

This was too much for her, and she began to cry in earnest to her Goddess for
help. She found inspiration in a small golden apple…