Name: Diomedes

Age: 30

Greek or Trojan: Greek

Occupation: King of Argos

Sex: M

Parents: Tydeus and Deipyle
Spouse: 19 various greek women, recently married Phoebe of Troy
Children: about 6 at this point.

Hair: brown
Eyes: Green
Height: 6'2
Weight: 195
Distinguishing Marks: battle scars
Personality: Diomedes is a flirtatious man,
always on the lookout for wife number 20,
even though he doesn't know what to do with
the 19 they have. He is looking for love,
although he would never admit it even to

He is a fierce man on the battle field, not as
much of glory hound as
Achilles but glorious
in battle, not as sly as
Odysseus but a brilliant
warrior, not as battle crazed as Ajax, but often
gives way to Ares call.

History:  Diomedes was the son of Tydeus
the second and Diepyle.
His father was slain in a raid against Thebes 10 years before, along with the other 6 leaders of the expedition,
leaving Diomedes a very young king at 19.

Because of his youth he had to prove himself as a leader, and protector of his people. He fought beside his men,
rather than staying behind and directing the great battles, he had generals for that and he wasn't going to let others
risk their lives for his sake and not take part.
He became a proficient warrior, both on land and
on sea. Feeling as at home on a ship as he did on
dry land, sometimes more so, as a ship had no
limits. It could sail on for ever even into the
mystery at the edge of the world.

He married his first 3 wives from amongst the
daughters of the kings who failed to defeat Argos.  
The others seemed come more quickly than he
was prepared for.  His youth and desire for peace
at home led him to make alliances where he
could, and that meant wives in some cases to
cement their contracts.  By 25 he had 12
wives, and found himself going off to war more and
more frequently rather than staying home and
making heirs. Until his advisors reminded him that it was his responsibility to create an heir to his throne.

He met Odysseus during this time, and the two became fast friends, sharing several adventures, both the sort one
could be proud of and those that were best kept secret.

He led an expedition against Calydon, where his paternal grandfather had been deposed, and even though he
could not put the old man back on the throne he saw to it that the husband of one of his cousins was made ruler
By 29 he had 18 wives. He was at his wits end in dealing with them. Uncertain if he wanted to strangle them or lock
them in a room together and merely live with the survivor. If he had been a less compassionate man he might have
done one or the other.

It was then that Alcmaeon came to him. He too was the son of one of the seven who had fought against Thebes 10
years previous. All of the 7 had sons, and they wanted vengeance for their fathers' deaths.  Diomedes was no
different, and he agreed to fight with them.
He gathered his ships, and with the others, called the Epigone, and the mercenaries that they could raise, attacked
and devastated Thebes. One of the
mercenaries, Neoptolemus,  raised a black flag and sailed a black ship.  Diomedes recognized who the man was
trying to impersonate, personally thought it was a pathetic attempt by one obsessed.  Until he realized that the man
had been paid by an external source as well. He suspected that it was Agamemnon who hired him but couldn't
prove anything and it didn't seem important at the time. His men fought like demons and they were needed at the

He took his 19th wife from the survivors in the palace. Antiope had started out as a slave but he had changed his
mind even before arriving home in Argos. He had become hopelessly infatuated with her, but she was the only one
of his wives to actually hate him.  When she became his wife instead of his slave she refused to sleep with him any
more.  She gave birth to a daughter, 9 months later, and gave her to one of the other wives to wet nurse and raise,
wanting nothing to do with even that small part of him.
That hurt him more than anything else, and he
decided then to leave for a time. Hoping that if
he were gone she would want more to do with
her own child.  He was at Sparta during the
negotiations for peace with Troy, and found
himself becoming infatuated with
younger sister
Phoebe who was there to meet
her betrothed, who had the ill luck to die before
arriving. However, his recent experience with
Antiope left him unwilling to act on his rash

He had actually made it home to Argos before
Agamemnon came to demand that he uphold the
Oath of Tyndareus, which bound all of
former suitors to come to Menelaus's aid should
anything interfere with his marriage.
He left Argos in the hands of his chancellor, his eldest son, who was 7 was protected by two of the Epigone, and his
youngest daughter was in the care of a wet nurse, as her mother still refused to even look at the child.

He had a heavy heart when he set sail for Troy. Not merely because of what was happening in his home, but because
he knew that if he met Phoebe again in Troy it would be as an enemy.