Name: Phoebe

Age: 19

Greek or Trojan: Trojan

Occupation: Princess of Troy, Queen of Argos

Sex: Female

Parents: King Priam of Troy and Queen Hecuba
Spouse: Diomedes of Argos
Children: None

Hair: Dark Brown
Eyes: Dark Brown
Height: 5'8"
Weight: 110 lbs
Distinguishing Marks: None
Personality:  Phoebe is a sweet, gentle soul who is learning the perils of war as
her city is laid under siege by the Greeks.  Before the war, her father was looking
to marry her off successfully, even to a Greek, but now she's insecure in her own
future, as more and more Trojans are killed, their bodies burned in front of her.  
As one of more than twenty children between Priam and Hecuba, and not one with
any standing, she's lost in the shuffle.  She enjoys her family, sometimes she
feels close to them, other times they're like strangers.

History:   When Hecuba married Priam, king of Troy, she knew her primary job
was to provide heirs.  If she didn't, he would sure find others who would.  And
though she did (tenfold), he still strayed to other women, but chose Hecuba as his
primary wife and children by her the line by which the throne of Ilium would be

This afforded Hecuba's children a certain legacy and higher stature than their half
siblings, and any other person that lived in Troy.  Though Priam took care of all
his children, even the illegitimate ones, the one's in Hecuba's line were favored
just a bit more, given the best education, and all the opportunities.

This was the world Phoebe grew up in, a cosseted and favored daughter of Troy,
seventh child and fourth daughter of Priam and Hecuba.
 She watched in awe as
her oldest sister became a coveted oracle of Troy (too young and
sheltered to understand the real cost of such a thing) and her
oldest brother become leader of the Trojan army.  Like everyone
else, she was easily charmed by
Paris, and would tease Helenus
about being so serious.

She grew up to be dark haired and dark eyed, like her older
siblings and their mother, though she doesn't have quite the wild
exotic beauty of her sister
Cassandra nor the regal beauty of her
mother.  But she was beautiful enough (and highly placed within the
family enough) to be sought after for marriage.

When her two brothers went to Sparta to negotiate peace with
Menelaus, they were also there to broker a marriage between
Phoebe and a Greek king, who managed to get himself killed in the
silly little Grecian wars before they even arrived.
Hector put a stop to all marriage talk, not considering any more suitors until Phoebe returned to Troy, as was protocol.  
Though when they returned to Troy, war was not far behind.

And with the war came the Argives, and their king Diomedes.  Phoebe had made Diomedes' acquaintance in Sparta
where he was brokering a trade arrangement with Menelaus, and underneath her brother's ever watchful eye, spent
innocent time with the Argive king.  They reconnected amidst the war as best they could, and letters were passed
between them in hidden places until a miscalculation by Trojan priests brought their relationship to her father's attention.

Eager to thin the forces of Greece by any means necessary, Priam arranged a marriage between Diomdes and Phoebe
in exchange for the withdrawal of Argive forces from the Trojan beach.  The two would have married with or without
Priam's blessing, so a wedding was quickly arranged.

Diomedes appointed Phoebe Queen of Argos, though she remains behind the walls of Troy.