Characters mentioned or
used on a non primary
playing basis
King Priam of Troy, ruler of Troy.  Formerly led the
Apollonians before turning them over to his oldest son.  
Over twenty wives, fifty sons, and many more daughters.  
Children include
Hector, Cassandra, Paris, Helenus and
Queen Hecuba, queen of Troy and Priam's chosen consort and
head wife.  Mother of twenty of his children, including
Cassandra, Paris, Helenus and Phoebe.  Her power in the kingdom
is fortified by being the mother of the crown prince and the oracle,
she also has her own guards which answer only to her.
Antiope, daughter of King Eetion of Thebe.  She survived
the massacre of Thebe by the Seven and disguised
herself as a slave, marrying King
Diomedes of Argos for
her own agenda.  Sister of
Andromache, crown princess
of Troy
To pay off a debt owed by her father,
Zippora became a slave in the royal
household, and soon found herself
charged with being a nanny to
Andromache's son, Astyanax, who
she guards with a passion not unlike
that of his parents.  Intensely loyal to
the crown princess and her son.
Elek (left), Micah (right) and Nilos (far right) are
members of the Apollonian Guard, the elite fighting
force led by
Prince Hector.  Elek is as known for his
imposing stature (and his own gaggle of female
followers) as Micah is known for his obsessive
paranoia. Nilos might not be the fastest or strongest
of the Guard but he makes up for it with his
determination and stubborn streak